movie review: Scoop

Finally sat down and watched this tonight.  It was an cute little film.  Sort of the polar opposite of ‘Match Point’ (also directed by Woody Allen and starring Scarlet Johanssen). 

It was fun to watch, but not very memorable.  No really great lines.  But I can see why it never got advertised!  How do you sell a movie that’s got a ghost in it, that tries to warn people about a serial killer and it’s a comedy! 

Everyone obviously had fun making this movie.  Woody Allen was in his own little world the whole time.  I felt like Scarlet and Hugh were just sort of acting around him as he went thru some Woody Allen bits.  But it worked and it was silly enough to keep me watching. 

So if you’re looking for something fun to watch, maybe with a bowl of popcorn to munch on, this is probably a safe choice.  Probably one of the cleanest movies I’ve seen in awhile too (all the sex happens off screen, and the jokes are pretty squeaky clean!)  I gave it 3 stars on Netflix, a solid “I liked it”. 

But I’ll probably have forgotten it by tomorrow. :-/

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