book review: Acceleration

Finished ‘Acceleration’ last night.  It’s Y Fic and a very quick read. 

Duncan works in the lost & found in the subway station and his not loving life.  Then one day he stumbles upon a diary in the new items box.  But this isn’t some list of day dreams and whimsies, it’s a chronicling of animal mutilations and arson.  What’s worse, the author of the diary seems to be entering a new phase and has started to write about different people he sees  on the subway every day.  Duncan decides that he found the diary for a reason and he will find out who this killer is and save the day.

Okay, the summary sounds corny, but it works!  The book moves quickly and does speed up until you really cannot put it down (I know, I read about 100 pages last night because every time I tried to stop, all I could think about was what would happen next!).  Duncan and his friends are a likable bunch.  My only worry is that the book contains a couple pop-culture references which could date it pretty quickly.  But it’s still an exciting read.  The last few chapters will get your heart rate up, that’s for sure!

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