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Frank Portman

I picked up this book for one reason – it was mocking ‘Catcher in the Rye’ right on the cover.  We can only assume that we’ve found Tom Hendersen’s copy of Salinger’s acclaimed novel, now covered in white out and scribbles of CD cover art.

This book was hilarious.  Todd is pretty much a loser, and he stays a loser for the entire story.  This isn’t some after school special story – Todd’s very aware of his reality and that he’s relaying his story to you and he really enjoys laying it on thick. 

Todd spends most of his time hanging out with is friend, making up names for their band and decided what the first album will look like.  They don’t really play so much.  Todd’s father died a few years ago, his mother has remarried (to a guy named Todd) and his sister is still pissed.  Todd’s just trying to survive another year of high school, which means another year of reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and learning how to mispronounce as many words as possible.

There’s just too much to tell you about.  It’s wacky, it’s out there, it’s exactly like high school was, only much worse, or maybe better. 

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