Movie Thoughts : Lady in the Water

Well, we just finished watching ‘Lady in the Water’.

Yeah, I’m actually finding that I have no reaction to this film at all.  I like Paul Giamatti, and I could watch him all day.  He’s just a great actor.  I think if it hadn’t been for him, I might have fallen asleep.  I like Bryce Dallas Howard too, and this movie made me want to see her in something where she actually gets to act (Spiderman 3, don’t you make me take that back!).  The entire cast of this film was it’s saving grace, lots of character actors that you’ve seen elsewhere that keep the screen alive even if the story isn’t.

While I wanted this movie to be on the level of ‘Dark Crystal’, as far as creating a cool “new” fairytale, it ended up feeling more like ‘Splash’. 

It had some cute moments, but I think it just didn’t move fast enough.  I really wanted to like it, but it just was….wait, what was I talking about?

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