Book thoughts: Ex Machina: March to War

*Finally* had a copy of this come in for me at work.  I think after I complete my Transmet and Y collection, I’m going to have to purchase this series for myself.   It feels like something I’m going to want to read over and over.

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Ex Machina’, it’s a delictable mix of superhero mixed with politics.  See, Mitch Hundred used to be a superhero called “The Great Machine”.  His power is that he can talk to (duh) machines and make them do what he says.  In this universe, The Great Machine was around on 9/11 and managed to stop the second plane from crashing into the tower.

Skip forward a few years, Mitch has hung up is superhero outfit and donned a new costume – he’s the Mayor of New York City.  Instead of fighting super-villians, it’s the threat of terrorists and the paranoia left behind after 9/11.  The stories flash between Mitch’s old life as a superhero, and his new life as different kind of leader – usually the two meet up in surprising ways. 

I know I’m pretty much a BKV fangirl at this point, but this collection was great.  I wasn’t superthrilled with vol 2, but vol 1,3, and 4 are much better as far as the main story arcs.  If you get a chance, I definately reccommend picking up this volume, either in the store or from your local library (and if they don’t carry it, make them buy it hehe).

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