Movie Thoughts: Stranger Than Fiction

So, I got home from work and thought I’d watch something light and fun.  So I put on ‘Stranger than Fiction’.

Whoa.  Talk about poor advertising.  This movie was good but it was not the funny romp that the commercials tried to convey.  It’s actually pretty serious.  At it’s core, it’s about people who get stuck in a rut, who let their habits take over their lives and stop living.

All the actors do a wonderful job – Will Ferrell is the lead but then we have Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Queen Latifah, and Maggie Gyllenhal.  AND Tony Hale (“Buster” from Arrested Development). 

I think those of you that are writers will appreciate Emma Thompson’s character and her struggle to not only overcome writers block, but to kill off a character that she’s grown to like.  It really made me think, that no matter how hard it is for me to read a book or watch a movie/tv show and cry when a character dies – it must be 10 times worse for that character’s creator since they are killing their own child. 

Anyway, I recommend the movie but just be warned, if you’ve had a rough day and you’re looking for something silly, you might want to put this one on hold for a bit.  But if you want to be surprised by Ferrell and the rest of this cast, then pick it up, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up – it’s a good movie but you might want a warm blankie and tissues near by at the end.

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