movie thoughts : Ratatouille

Well, this movie was just adorable!  What can I say!  Living with AD, my chef of a boyfriend, has introduced me to the world of cooking.  I identified with Remy’s brother – I loved to eat but I didn’t understand how to enjoy food until I lived with my own personal chef. 

But enough about me – this movie was so fun!  Nice and light.  If you want something to watch while you relax, Ratatouille is perfect.  It has comedy, a dash of romance, and lots of yummy food.  It has that Pixar feel – a clever sense of humor that will appeal to both adults and children, a very unique visual style (The CG characters are getting so good, they move so smoothly, you almost forget they are cartoons!) and the script is solid. 

And now I’m looking up the voices on IMDB – it’s movie/tv geek heaven!  Will Arnett!  Janeane Garafolo!  Peter O’Toole!  Ian Holm!  All doing outrageous French accents!  No wonder I was compelled to enjoy this movie! 

Plus, Alfredo Linguini (yes, that is the main human character’s name!) is very adorkable for an animated character.  But, then again, I seem to have a thing for chefs.  šŸ˜‰

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