book thoughts: dead girls don’t write letters by Gail Giles

After enjoying Right Behind You by Gail Giles I decided to try a few more of her titles.  Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters is a very short book (the hardcover is only 136 pages) and I was able to read it in a matter of days. 

Sunny’s older sister Jaz died in a fire a few months ago.  But a letter has arrived in the mail from Jaz and it says she is alive and well and coming home.  Who is this girl claiming to be Sunny’s sister?  And what does her return mean for the family and Sunny. 

The story hits the ground running and just keeps on going until the end.  I think this title would be great for a reluctant reader.  Sunny is a very likable character and her attitude towards her sister (when she was alive, dead, and a bit of both) is understandable so it is easy for the reader to empathize with her. 

If you want a quick summer read, Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters will fill one beach trip. 

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