movie thoughts: Teeth

Teeth is the story of Dawn.  Dawn grew up near a nuclear power plant and has an interesting *ahem* mutation, as it were.  It’s not really anything as flashy as the X-Men heroines.  No, Dawn’s body has got a set of teeth where no other girl has had them before, except for in ancient myths of the Vagina Dentata. 

Yeah, dentata…as in dentist, as in teeth…as in teeth down THERE! 

This hilarious horror flick is not for the faint of heart, as we get to see the results of the incidents in all their gory glory (though part of me wants to show it to every 6th grade boy and tell them at the end “And that is why you should wait, because you won’t know what is down there until it is too late!!!”).

Yes, you can imagine what sort of horrific scenes happen in this movie.  It is the stuff of male nightmares.  Dawn’s victims usually deserve their punishment (her first bite happens when a boy attempts to rape her). 

So if you’re in the mood for a movie that makes you scream “OMG EEEEW OOOOW GROSS!” this one might work for you.  Best if watched with friends so you can all cry out together and then giggle (even better if some sort of alcoholic beverage can be involved).

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