movie thoughts: Semi-Pro

Now, I’m not sure if I saw the “Un-Rated Edition” or just the regular movie, but I doubt any additional footage could have made this comedy any better.  While I enjoyed bits and pieces of Blades of Glory and Talledega Nights, I didn’t find Semi-Pro even in their league.  I wish the movie had been a flat-out spoof of sports fandom like the first two mentioned, but the is very off balance  as it tries to tell the story of Will Farrell’s naive owner/coach/player strugging to get his team to the top and Woody Harrelson’s already-been-to-a-championship-game character, who is trying to become a better person.  Blah. 

Cliche sports plot and not enough laughs to make it worth it.  If the film had been as random as the bear scene they showed in the trailer, it could have been a lot funnier (the bear was the cause of my LOLs for this movie).  Will Ferrell can do better. Perhaps he just needed the money to pay landlord

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