movie thoughts: King of Kong

This documentary on classic video game competitions was an entertaining viewing.  It’s a classic underdog story of the little guy trying to take down the champ.  And since it is a true story, it makes it all the more entertaining. 

But make no mistake, these guys are total nerds.  I mean, I know that might be the pot calling the kettle black but they look like nerds.  Some of them are such stereotypes they look and sound like they walked out of a Simpsons episode.  Watching them discuss the high scores for all the classic video games and bragging about their position in the Twin Galaxies video game score hierarchy was hilarious and painful. 

But the show is only an hour and thirty minutes, and the time flies right by as you cheer on Steve Wiebe and his family and cringe at the self-involved Billy Mitchell. 

But finally seeing the movie made this a whole lot funnier:

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