book thoughts: Elephant and Piggie

As you probably know, I love Mo Willems.  I adore his artwork, his sense of humor, and his ability to appeal to the kid inside everyone.

Elephant and Piggie are his easy reader books.  These two friends get themselves into all kinds of silly situations.  The art may look simple, but it is so expressive. 

These are the two newest titles in the series – I Will Surprise My Friend and I Love My New Toy.  Of the two, I think Surprise is the stronger story, though I know everyone can identify with Piggie’s stress in New Toy

I like to call these books “portable sunshine” as it is hard not to smile as you flip through them.  If you’ve got anyone little to shop for, I highly recommend picking these titles up.  If you just want to giggle for a few moments, stop by your library or a book store and read threw a couple of these gems. 

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