movie thoughts: The Spiderwick Chronicles

I have not read any of the Spiderwick series, but let me tell you, as soon as this movie hit, all 5 of the books were checked out.  From what I understand, the movie covers the entire series. 

When people talk about “family” movies, I tend to cringe.  So many movies that market themselves as “family” these days are code for shows that are overly cute or just plain unwatchable.  Apart from Pixar films, I tend to eye anything for “families” suspiciously.  Which is why The Spiderwick Chronicles was such a pleasant surprise.

The story is intriguing, with characters you can relate to, and enough action/adventure to keep everyone interested.  I actually heard myself gasp “Oh no!” during one moment, making myself realize I had been completely sucked in to the movie.  Plus, all my childhood memories of magical stories, especially Labyrinth, were running through my head.  I think this film has the potential to be like that for kids that are the “right” age. 

I definitely recommend checking this one out.  If you don’t have kids, it might be a fun rental for a popcorn night.  If you do have any elementary age kids running around your house, you should probably buy the DVD and pick up the books all in the same trip.  This movie could be their gateway into many fantastical adventures.

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