movie thoughts: The Ruins (2008)

You know, I had high hopes for this movie.  I really enjoyed the novel and when I saw that Scott Smith was also writing the screenplay, I assumed that the tension and eeriness from the book would translate easily to the screen.

Yeah, I was wrong. 

The Ruins movie is not scary at all.  The moment from the book that made you cringe but continue to read are totally absent.  And the ending is downright cheesy!  Poor writing, poor directing, and lame editing (though he didn’t have much to work with).

One thing that really stuck out to me was the switching around of the characters.  In the book, they are all terrorized equally, but in the movie, most of the suffering is transferred to the female characters.  Yeah, the guys are scared, but the girls are more or less tortured.  I don’t understand why that change was necessary. 

Anyway, a big let down.  If you want a scare, read the book.  Only watch the movie so you can complain about it with me later.

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