book thoughts: Into the Dark (Echo Falls Mystery #3)

Peter Abrahams’ Echo Falls Mystery series surprised me from the start.  In Down the Rabbit Whole, he introduced us to Ingrid (“Griddie”), a 6th grade girl.  She’s not some adorable little Nancy Drew and she’s not a hard-ass 13-going-on-30 teen.  Instead, she is probably one of the most realistic tweenage girl I’ve seen depicted in any youth lit I have read.  She’s smart, funny, yet just naive enough to still walk that line between child and teen. 

Into the Dark is the third book in this series, and Ingrid once again finds herself attempting to solve a local mystery.  These books are getting progressively darker but also more gripping.  They are the kind of series that a kid could pick up at age 12, then still be satisfied with this entry at 14. 

Probably the strongest thing about this series is that Abrahams never underestimates his audience.  He doesn’t talk down to them or over-simplify.  I think this series would be perfect for a family oriented book discussion group because, while it has some edgy content at times, it never goes into the realm of obnoxious.  It is all handled very well.  Can’t wait to read #4!

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