book thoughts: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott


Elizabeth Scott

There are horror stories that are filled with mythical creatures that hunt down victims and shred them into bloody bits.

And then there are horror stories that are real.  So real that you can’t even think about them, with monsters that could be sitting behind you on a bus with innocent people trapped in their claws. 

Living Dead Girl is a horror story of the latter kind.  “Alice” was abducted by Ray when she was a little girl.  Now, she has become a shell of a person, going through the motions that keep Ray satisfied enough with their “relationship”.  She has forgotten how to feel, has tried to block out her past, because forgetting when she was happy is the only way to make her life bearable.

This book is at once hard to read and fascinating.  Alice’s narrative draws you in, and the short chapters make the story move along.  It is painful to read but such a mesmerizing tale.  I’m not sure who I would recommend this title too.  It is a well written book, but far from a fun read. 

You can preview the first few pages on Good Reads.

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