book thoughts: Knucklehead by Jon Scieszka

If ‘Knucklehead’ proves anything, it is that kids will always be kids.  It doesn’t matter what decade you are born or where you live, its hard not to end up with a few shared experiences. 

Scieszka is best known for his ‘True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Time Warp Trio’ books, all very silly and over the top with broad appeal to anyone with a sense of humor.  ‘Knucklehead’ is an autobiography of sorts, told in quick 2 page essays covering everything from living with his five brothers (each tortured by the others in their own special way), the perils of going to Catholic school (and thinking the nuns were actually married to God), and the usual act of blowing up toys in the backyard. 

I think this book will really appeal to little boys…or anyone who ever was a little boy…or anyone that has ever met a little boy.  Lots of jokes about passing gas, melting toy soldiers, and throwing up.  But his snarky tone makes  you laugh out loud.  You can always envision this 10 year old kid sitting next to you, telling you about the time his older brother set him up after they broke the couch during a wrestling match.  You can see him wink at you when he explains how he outsmarted his teachers when asked to list all of the swear words he knew. 

A great book for reluctant readers that might be discouraged by longer biographies, a great pick for a Scieszka fan, and a really fun read if you’re in the mood for something silly yet honest.  Even though I am a girl, I still found myself guffawing at these “mostly true” stories of growing up.

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