book thoughts: Local by Brian Woods & Ryan Kelly


Brian Wood

Sometimes it takes all the running you can do to stay in one place. 

Local is a collection of stories, told in graphic form, all of them revolving around the life of Megan as she tries to find herself out in the big wide world.  It starts when she ditches her boyfriend and leaves town.  Each chapter is about here, though sometimes indirectly, such as the issue about the rock band from her home town that breaks up.

Local is gorgeous.  Ryan Kelly’s black and white drawings fit perfectly with these coming of age stories.  Panels with no text have just as much to say as ones full of dialogue.  Kelly draws Megan with such love, you can actually see her growing up from issue to issue. 

I found myself immediately drawn into the story and the characters.  I highly recommend this collection if you want a break from superheroes and dark stories.  Megan’s life is both strange and familiar at the same time.  You’ll probably recognize a little bit of yourself in her.  The desire to understand why you’re here, what you’re meant for, and where you belong.

5 outta 5

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