movie thoughts: Bolt (2008)

Bolt is the star of a tv series.  Only he doesn’t know its all make-believe.  At the end of every shoot, he is whisked away to his trailer by his owner, Penny, and hidden from the cameras and crew, left to think it was all real.  But one fateful day he managed to escape the trailer and he soon discovers the truth. 

It’s a cute movie, and truly a fun movie for the whole family…once.  Something tells me that this predictable story will wear thin after multiple viewing by adults who are familiar with these story lines.  I think kids will want to watch it over and over, but it lacks the rewatchability of such Pixar classics like WallE and Finding Nemo that makes adults want to sit down again.  It doesn’t work on the different levels that those films do. 

But it’s fun and a good movie for a night when you’re not in the mood for deep thinking or violent battles.  It’s heart is in the right place and its hard not to laugh out loud at several of the animal antics (especially if you have pets). 

Definitely worth a viewing, and the DVD looks stunning on an HD-TV (I imagine the Blu-Ray version will melt your screen).

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