movie thoughts: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I really had no idea what this movie would be about.  I only knew the basic facts – Woody Allen wrote & directed, Scarlet Johanssen was invovled, and I have no problem with Javier Bardem or Penelope Cruz. 

There’s probably a reason I knew nothing about it; attempting to describe it without telling someone the whole movie is pretty difficult!

Vicky and Cristina are friends who decide to spend a summer in Barcelona, both of them for different reasons: Vicky is working on her Masters degree while Cristina is bouncing back from the end of a relationship.  While there, they happen to meet Juan Anotonio, a local painter.  He invites them to come away with him for a weekend.  Cristina is very excited about the idea, so Vicky tags along to watch out for her…and things just get more complicated from there.

It was an interesting movie to watch once.  My biggest gripe was the narrator.  I felt like this role was superfluous.  I am not sure why Allen decided to do this.  Was it to make the story seem like a fairy tale?  Did he not think he was getting the information across fast enough?  I think ever thing the narrator said was portrayed well enough on screen.  I found it really distracting. 

It’s a visually stunning film – and the city isn’t too bad either. *ba-ding* Thanks folks, I’m here all week. 

The core of the film is about what love means and what love is for every person, and how it differs yet at the same time we all want the same thing (even if we don’t know it). 

It’s worth watching (though I feel like Rebecca Hall got the shaft – she plays Vicky yet she’s not even featured on the cover!  Her role is pretty important.  Oh well).  A solid movie but not something I could sit through multiple times.

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