book thoughts: Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford (2009)


Brent Crawford

High school.  Remember when it was a mystery?  When you viewed it from afar, thinking that when you were finally that age, life must be easier?  Then remember actually getting there and being more confused then ever?

Carter has the same experience.  He is convinced that when he becomes a freshman, life will be simpler.  But, instead, he experiences a high school life that we are all familiar with.  Brent Crawford’s writing is full of humor and heart.  I really identified with Carter and his level of clueless-ness.  

Warning: if you can’t handle being inside a 15 year old boy’s brain, don’t pick up this book.  Carter is a nice guy but his mind is on two things all the time – do I look cool? and SEX!  So when he goes on a date with a girl for the first time and eats a giant burrito…well, you can guess where some of the humor will come from.

If you want a book that you will laugh out loud while reading (seriously, I got a dirty look from my cat from giggling in bed) but is also realistic and honest in it’s portrayal of High School and all of its ridiculous politics, pick up “Carter Finally Gets It”.  

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