book thoughts: Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda (2009)


Sarwat Chadda

Okay, ignore that cover over there.  That is the U.S. cover, meant to appeal to Twilight fans who apparently will only read books with a chick and mysterious dude pictures on the cover.  Or something.  The U.K. cover is way cooler.  


The rumors in London are that Billi’s father murdered her mother.  But Billi knows the truth – her mom was killed by ghuls: demons.  Her father is a member of the ancient order of the Knights Templar which is still surviving in our modern world.  

After her mother’s death, Billi’s father began to train her as a Templar.  As the years have gone by, the two have grown apart.  Billi would like nothing more than to just be a normal high school girl.  Instead she finds herself fighting demons in playgrounds late at night and then hiding the battle scars the next day.  And when an ancient evil returns to Earth to punish mankind, Billi has no choice but to battle beside her father to save the world. 

‘Devil’s Kiss’ has a great mix of action, adventure, history, mythos and just a dash of romance.  It is a fast read with a really strong female heroine.  

My only frustration with the book was that I didn’t know it was book 1 in a series until I finished.  Part of me was kind of upset – I’d like to just read a book and have it be it sometimes.  I wasn’t prepared for it to not officially end.  The sequel just came out this month but I’m not rushing out to read it. 

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