movie thoughts: Julie & Julia (2009)

A movie based on a book which was based on a blog inspired by Julia Child’s life in France.  

Starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

The first sentence sums up why this was probably not the best idea for a screen adaptation.  The second sentence sums up why it succeeds at being entertaining at all.

‘Julie & Julia’ is a sweet little story that juxtaposes the story of Julia Child finding herself in France and Julie Powell, a NYC resident trying to find herself after a rough year.  Not really full of action, adventure, or drama – the movie is very watchable because of the amazing casting.  Meryl Streep steals the show as Julia Child.  Stanley Tucci’s portrayal of her husband is endearing.  I have a soft spot for the adorable Amy Adams who plays Julie Powell.  

It’s a cute movie, what more can be said.  It’s a little over 2 hours long, and by the end you’re starting to feel it.  But there are worse ways to spend an evening, and if you’ve got a supply of munchies ready to go, you’ll probably have a good time with these two ladies. 

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