movie thoughts: Moon (2009)

Do you like Sam Rockwell?  I mean REALLY like Sam Rockwell?  Because if you don’t, you probably won’t like ‘Moon’ because Sam is it (well, Sam and Kevin Spacey as Gerty the Computer). 

‘Moon’ is a story set in the future.  To solve our energy crisis, we figured out a way to harvest power from the Moon.  But someone has to be up there to monitor the equipment.  Sam has signed a 3 year contract with the company.  He has been living on the moon, his only companion a computer called “Gerty”.  He has 2 weeks left before he can return home.  But something is not quite right….

And I’ll stop there.  If all of the reviews of ‘Moon’ seem vague to you, it’s for a reason.  No one wants to say too much and spoil any part of this movie.

I thought Sam Rockwell did a great job considering he was all on his own.  He’s come a long way from ‘Guy’ (Galaxy Quest).  

I’m not so sure about the re-watchability of this movie though.  I don’t think I would view it a second time, but the first time through was interesting and it drew you in.  But after it was over, it was over and that was that.  

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