book thoughts: I Kissed a Zombie & I Liked It by Adam Selzer (2010)

Ever since the undead came out, girls in high school have been falling over themselves to hook up with a vampire.  But not Alley.  Having reached her Senior year without any major relationships (just a few make-out sessions), she and her friends in the Vicious Circle mock all teen fang-bang-wannabes in person and in their school newspaper.  But when Alley starts dating Doug, a boy who’s goth look is a little too good, she starts to rethink her attitude.

Adam Selzer, clearly inspired by the rants of the Twi-hards and other teens reading paranormal romance like it’s going out of style, has written a quick and clever little read (it’s only 224 pages!) that will appeal to those teens that like a good dose of mockery in their books. 

My only disappointment with this book was that I wanted a more tween-friendly story (because finding teen fiction that is “safe” in this genre is difficult to say the least) and from the silly title and cover, I thought maybe I had found one.  But Alley is 18 and I figured out pretty quickly this was best kept for older teens. 

Anyway, the book is funny and it has a nice moral for teens about not changing yourself for someone you think you’re in love with (because it’s just freakin’ high school people) but at the same time it says not to judge others so quickly because they are fangirling over something silly – you could be on the other side someday! 

‘I Kissed a Zombie…’ may not be the next hot read, but it’s a odd little book.  Not groundbreaking or amazing, but worth picking up at the library while you’re waiting for your other books to come in. 

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