book thoughts: The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda (2010)

There is always one weird kid in the class.  A kid who revels in being the odd man.  Now imagine you go to class one day, and this kid has a finger puppet made out of paper but he acts as though he has no control over what it says.  That’s Dwight and the Origami Yoda.

The 6th grade class can’t decide – is Origami Yoda real or is Dwight just smarter than he looks? Tommy has gathered “case studies” from his fellow classmates on their interactions with Origami Yoda to try to solve this puzzle.

A book that could have just been plain silly turns out to have a sweet core.  Even though it comes in at under 200 pages, the reader still manages to connect with the various students in the story, especially the narrator, Tommy, who is truly torn about believing in the power of Origami Yoda.

This is the perfect book for that poor kid who’s parents are whining that all he reads are “Star Wars” books, with funny writing and enough Star Wars jokes to make them keep reading.  And once they have devoured this book, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to sllip ‘Wimpy Kid’ into their hands next…

4.5 stars (extra .5 for all the Star Wars jokes and the Origami Yoda instructions in the back).

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