book thoughts: I’ll Mature When I’m Dead by Dave Barry (2010)

I’ll just tell you now, I’ve been a Dave Barry fan for a long time.  As a kid, I used to read his column in the Sunday paper.  I would check out his books from the library and I also listened to a few as audiobooks during the Summer of Tetris (you get one guess what I did most of that summer). 

I’ll Mature When I’m Dead is classic Dave Barry.  And by “classic” I mean 12 year old boy humor at it’s best.  Essays range from why men are dufuses to pet ownership to the downfall of printed newspapers.  It also contains a reprint of Barry’s article on getting a colonoscopy, which apparently got a lot more responses than he expected.  The weakest essay was a ‘Twilight’ spoof, since that has already been done to death (and you can’t beat ‘s version, so don’t bother trying). 

So, if you need a summer beach read that will make you channel your 12-year old self, pick up a copy. Just don’t try to read it in bed or your significant other might give you dirty looks for giggling so much!

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