movie thoughts: Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect poster  Oh, this movie.  It is flawed on so many levels but the amount of fun you have during the musical numbers and when Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are improving in the announcer booth makes you forgive everything and then some.

Pitch Perfect reminds me of both Whip It and Zoolander.

Let me explain:

I feel like the ridiculousness factor is turned way up, just like Zoolander, which makes this movie tolerable during the parts when they are not singing.  Because Anna Kendrick is awesome and Rebel Wilson is hilarious (and Skylar Astin is Zachary Levi Adorable), you just keep watching even though you know the ending to the movie already.  But, as Jesse tells Beca in the movie, even if you know what ending is coming, it doesn’t mean you should stop watching!  Because if you stop watching, you will miss out on the most awesome acapella song mash-up ever at the very end.  Yes, it’s cheesy, but cheese is delicious!

Like Whip It, I’m pretty sure this movie takes the elements in the book to a new level.  I mean, as a fan of films and comic books, I feel like I spent a lot of time explaining to people why format can really make a difference.  I have requested a copy of the book so I can read it, but I have a feeling HEARING these groups perform, even though the groups are silly little “gangs” of singers in the movie, hearing the music and seeing a show is far more powerful than just reading about it.

The movie itself is not anything too amazing, but the music and the humor and the actors willing to go all out make is super fun to watch and you will be humming the songs for days to follow.

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