tv thoughts: That Mitchell and Webb Look (2006 – ??)

You know, it’s hard to find a really good sketch comedy show, so when my brother told me to watch That Mitchell and Webb Look when it was on Netflix last year, I was skeptical, but I gave it a try as my “breakfast show”. I was thrilled at how consistent the show was in finding ridiculous things to mock and also the range, from sex jokes to poking fun at Jane Austen novels and beyond. I found myself laughing out loud and quoting the sketches afterwards (The above sketch gets me every time and I now quote it when trying to describe a scene where acting/directing didn’t jibe.)

But, alas, the show is no longer on Netflix (which I found out when I went to show it to a friend and was like WTF NO!). It appears to be available as part of Hulu Plus BUT THE DVDS ARE NOT FOR SALE IN THE US! WHAT? Just a travesty. Do they not understand that I need the DVDs so I can show my friends the sketches so we can all quote them together randomly??

So, everyone watch ‘Mitchell and Webb’ on Hulu and tell your friends and tell BBC America that we need the DVDs for hilarious reasons like this:

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