tv thoughts: Zombieland (2013 Amazon Pilot)

Watched most of the Zombieland pilot tonight and I was sorta disappointed. I feel like they have already made several missteps. We started to watch and Tim said “Wait, are they the same characters from the movie?” and I was like “yes”…and then it became clear that this was a bad idea. They would have been better off starting with a new set of survivors. Trying to convince me that these 4 people are Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin…well you can’t. Because the guy they cast as Talahassee lacks the swagger, the kid they cast as Columbus looks way too young, the girl they cast as Wichita can’t pull of the sarcastic jibes the way Stone can and Little Rock is…well I guess she’s fine but she’s no Breslin.

It’s frustrating because the opening sequence was great and they had a chance to introduce NEW characters living in the same world as our Movie Heroes and avoid this entire problem…but no **sigh** How could they not know that we would be comparing the two??

Anyway, wasn’t impressed. Which is too bad because I had been really excited about the prospect of the series since the movie was originally shopped around AS the series but zombies weren’t cool then.

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