non-spoilery bioshock:infinite thoughts

ImageI’ve been humming ‘May the Circle Be Unbroken’ all day today because on Friday night, I finished Bioshock Infinite for the first time.

I say “finished” instead of “beat” because I don’t feel like it’s the kind of game you conquer.  It’s more unraveling a mystery, surviving the story.  

And I say “for the first time” because I now have every intention of buying the DLC and playing it through again…

…once my head stops spinning.

I want to write up my thoughts at some point but it’s all still a whirl in my head.  I miss Booker and Elizabeth, we spent some quality time together and I just want to pick up the game and start over again but…I feel like I need to digest everything I’ve seen before I go back in.

I had Jess play the start of the game when she was over on Friday, before I had actually completed the final chapter, but as I watched her enter Columbia for the first time, I began to pick up on things that I didn’t understand the first time through – that I wasn’t meant to understand – so I can already tell this will be worth the replay.

Plus, I didn’t get all the achievements yet!  Most of them are relatively easy, I just have to use different weapon and vigor combos.  And beat the game on Hard mode.  

I really hope the DLC adds even more depth to this gorgeous story.  Ken Levine said it will be additional adventures but where will it all fit in?  I can’t even imagine.  I just hope that, since they had the DLC planned all along, that it is worth the investment.  I’m thinking I will buy the “season pass” (which pretty much works like a buy 2 get 1 free deal when you do the math).  I wish there was more information about the DLC, it’s all still very hush-hush, I think they wanted to wait until everyone had a chance to play through the game first, so I’m wondering if the DLC ties in through some spoilery way.

Did anyone else complete the game yet?  Want to discuss? 

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