tv thoughts: Justified

Image  OMG.  THIS. SHOW.

I would like to apologize for not watching you sooner, Justified.  How was I to know a show that was advertised mostly with images like the one above would have so much depth to it.

Honestly, I guess I just rushed to judgement.  I saw a guy in a cowboy hat and assumed it was a Western…which I guess it is, but not an old-timey Western.  It is set in Kentucky, more south than west, but it follows a lot of the same codes as the old west.  Which is how Raylan gets himself into so much trouble, thinking more like a lone cowboy than a federal marshall.  But, I should examined the image a bit more and noticed that he isn’t wearing clothes suitable for herding cattle, but a very modern shirt and tie.  Oh, yeah and that gun is also not an antique.

It took me a few episodes to really have everything click.  The first 5 felt more like crime-of-the-week stuff, but once the major story arcs started to kick in, it was hard to stop watching.  The relationships that all of the characters have with each other just pull you in, just as much as the tangled web of crime that surrounds the town of Harlan.  And there are moments of genuine humor that really make you fall for all of the characters.  For all the crazy serious shit they get into, they still find moments to laugh and you appreciate the relief. 

I’m only halfway through season 2 so don’t go posting any spoilers!  But I had to add this to my list of shows I am loving right now.  And if you’re not watching it yet – get on that!  Your local library might have a copy on DVD you can borrow…or just mention it to a few friends and you might find someone you know is also a fan of Raylan Givens.

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