gender and entertainment

I know this topic is discussed and beaten to death all the time but I found it amusing that today in my blog feeds I had a female author lamenting the “girly” book covers forced upon her work and a male gamer lamenting a publisher pushing a gender-neutral game as “for girls”

Marketing is a scary thing.  I am happy that, as a librarian, I tend to try to market everything to everyone.  This is probably because my goal is not to make money but to educate patrons in the joys of reading, researching etc.. 

I feel bad for guys because it seems their entire existence hinges upon them showing that they are “tough” and “manly” at all times.  It feels like they eventually can move beyond that,eventually but only if they are really lucky…

Think for yourselves.  Remember that a book cover is not chosen by the author but created by a marketer, scientifically crafted to appeal to a demographic chosen at random, not a demographic the author was trying to write for. 


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