movies and memories: “He can live with us, mom!”

Old friends, new friends

So this is how the story goes:

When I was little, my parents took me to see E.T. in the theater. I liked the movie, but like any child, I was very upset to see E.T. leave. My mom tells me I left the theater with tears in my eyes, telling her that E.T. could have lived with us. At some point, maybe later that day or later in the week, I was given my very own E.T. plush to love and squeeze and take care of.

A few years ago when E.T. celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary and Universal released a whole new set of toys, my parents got me the life-size doll in this photo.

And this year, I played Bioshock:Infinite. I adored the game and especially “my” relationship with Elizabeth. As the credits rolled, all I could think was how much I was going to miss her, that I didn’t want it to be over, that maybe there were more adventures to be had.

So last week, in a moment of retail therapy, I stumbled across the Hot Topic 25% off sale and there was the Elizabeth action figure, just calling to me. I had to have her!

Now Elizabeth and E.T. can live here in my apartment of misfit toys and continue having adventures here…

and they will. 🙂

The bird or the cage? #colorcap Elizabeth meets a fellow time & space traveler... #doctorwho #bioshock Elizabeth and the Time Lord #doctorwho #bioshock

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