tv shows I did not expect to like: gdgd fairies


I’m not really a big anime watcher…in fact, most of the anime I have watched has been Miyazaki movies. I’ve seen a handful of shows and dabbled in manga, but usually I find that my grasp of Japanese culture makes me always feel like I am missing out on too much to really appreciate the stories.

Then, while browsing Crunchyroll with my boyfriend (who is an anime fan), we randomly clicked on a show labeled “gdgd fairies”. I cringed almost immediately at the chibi fairies in short skirts with pink hair. I braced myself for some ridiculous plot line…but none very came. Because this show has little to no plot. It was plain just weird.

And, somehow, mesmerizing.

Seriously, we laughed SO HARD at the oddness of the first episode, we had TEARS streaming down our faces. It was just 15 minutes of WTF AM I WATCHING!? But in a good way.

It is just these three fairy BFFs who meet up and talk over tea. pkpk is the most naive of the group, shrshr is a bit of a spaz, and krkr is sorta emo/dark. Eventually the fairies finish tea and move into the magic room and play with spells, usually with hilarious results. And then end by watching the “dubbing pool” and talking over random footage they see in the pool.

Oh, and did I mention they spend a lot of time mocking popular anime shows, video games, and other random aspects of Japanese pop culture? You can still enjoy the show knowing as little as me, but the seasoned anime fan will get an extra kick out of it.

It is strangely addictive even though it doesn’t have any story arc and even the stories are loose. And, yes, there are jokes that do NOT translate at all. But it’s 15 minutes of just cute, adorable fairies being really random about whatever (how to say “deja vu” in Japanese, or what if you could save up sleep and get it later).

gdgd Fairies – Full episodes available on Crunchyroll

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  1. Man, too many people are recommending this show. I guess I need to finally man up and found out just how weird this series is after all.

    Huh. Well since you’re watching stuff on CR, maybe a show like Attack on Titan might interest you?


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