book thoughts: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (2013)

I wrote a review on Amazon for this product. You can find it here.

This book is exactly what is says it is – a retelling of Star Wars in iambic pentameter. So, if that is something that tickles your geeky fancy, then spend your hard earned money on it. If you are a hardcore Star Wars book collector, or a big fan of both Star Wars and Shakespeare, then this would look nice on your shelf. I would be impressed if you really read it cover to cover. Because…well, it’s just Star Wars retold ala Shakespeare. It’s not actually Shakespeare writing it, is it?

I think what would have been more fun would be living authors writing scenes over in their own style, sort of like the Star Wars Uncut fan project from a few years ago. Or maybe have authors write the “missing” scenes. Think of that – Stephen King writing the scene where the Stormtroopers find Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru?

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