Spotify rocks my world

OMGERD you know you want to sign up for Spotify!
Use this link to get me extra brownie points

What is Spotify, you ask?  It’s a streaming music service. It actually originated in Europe but a few years ago they worked out a deal to come stateside.  There’s still a lot of debate on how fair it is to the artists, but honestly I have discovered more music this way because you can easily search for a band and listen to an entire album before you decide to buy it.  I bought more songs last year than I had in a long time and it’s all because I had a chance to hear them before spending my hard earned cash.

When they launched, they had made a deal with the devil Facebook and you could only join if you had a Facebook account but that has apparently fallen by the wayside and you can now register with just an email address.

Obviously, the free service has commercials but you can stream so much music, make and share playlists, and even follow bands that you like and get music recommendations from them!  

Plus, if you sign up using my link, I can earn a free month of premium service, which means I can get to Spotify on my mobile devices for a month and be commercial free.  Good times. 

So, yeah, give it a try and send me some new music to listen to (you know my name)

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