Doof is due!

So I’ve finally been sucked into the awesome that is Phineas and Ferb and, more importantly, the epic battle of mans vs platypus, between Dr Doofenshmirtz and Perry. I’ve only watched the first season of P&F but I just love the show and all the levels it works on.

Right now, I have to bring your attention to this: last week, I stumbled (well, tumblr’d) upon the Doof Daily YouTube channel

This is freakin’ brilliant. I was so THRILLED that this was an official Disney/Phineas & Ferb thing. Nothing endears a show to me more than not taking yourself too seriously, which P&F was never in danger of BUT Disney sometimes is. I watched every single episode of Daily Doof and I found myself laughing out loud. It’s hard to deny that Doof is clearly the most awesome character on the show. Everyone loves him. He is the sweetest mad scientist to ever try to take over the TRI-STATE AREA!

And just like P&F, the Daily Doof, in it’s 2 minutes of time, manages to get jokes for the kids and adults watching.

It just goes to show that there are some people out there with the skills and talent to make TRUE Family entertainment. So often we use the term “family” to describe tv shows and movies that children can watch and parents can suffer through. But, no, Phineas & Ferb is a real Family show that everyone can watch and laugh. The dry, subtle humor reminds me of the best Monty Python sketches, and the slapstick, over-the-top comedy reminds me of…okay, well Monty Python again. With a dash of Mel Brooks in there, that level of pop culture praise and ridicule in the same breath.

Anyway, It’s just another show I did not except to like.

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