Batman, Ben, and who the f— cares??

So, I went to read my blogs last night and I swear to you it was wall to wall “omg Ben Affleck is the next Batman, oh that sucks so much”.

First of all, the next movie is Batman and Superman together. It’s going to be a mess. DC wants to be as cool as Marvel and work its way towards a Justice League movie franchise. It’s not going to happen. When it was announced at Comic-Con I was like “well, that movie will be too long.”

Anyway, I’m saying the movie is doomed from the start.

But also, why does everyone hate Ben Affleck so much??? Yes, Daredevil was a horrible mess that even left the Rifftrax guys speechless at moments. But that was back in 2007 and Ben’s film career since has been a lot better. I think he has matured as an actors and has a better understanding of the whole process than he did back when he was just a pretty face.

Plus, we all know that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck cannot be successful at the same time and by the time BvS comes out, it should be Ben’s turn again.

In all seriousness though, it comes down to the director and the screenwriter. Unfortunately, it’s the same guy who did Nolan’s I-take-myself-way-too-seriously-so-this-movie-has-to-be-4-hours-long Batman and Man of Steel movies. And Zack I-can-put-your-pretty-comic-book-pictures-on-screen-just-don’t-expect-any-depth-to-them Snyder.

And Michael Keaton before Batman? He he did Beetlejuice, but he also did Mr Mom and Johnny Dangerously. Christian Bale? Be honest, for those of us that weren’t into seeing art films, he was either that kid from Empires of the Sun or that kid from Newsies.


Ben Affleck’s career is no better/worse than these guys pre-Batman.

Also, for all you people that hate Ben Affleck, you do realize that 50% of this next movie he will most likely be getting punched in the face by Henry Cavill, right?


  1. I think Affleck is a great choice and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the role. He’s probably in better career position than any other Batman actor when they were cast.


  2. Here via LJ (I also go as “rhoda_rants”)–wellllll, as someone who totally watched a lot of art films (and still does), I was super-excited when I found out Christian Bale was going to be Nolan’s Bruce Wayne. The entire cast around that franchise was stellar, not just him–Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, and it was my first introduction to Cillian Murphy as well, for which I’m eternally grateful.

    Affleck? Meh. I don’t “hate” him. But he’s not Bruce Wayne. He might be able to pull off Batman, but he’s not Bruce Wayne. By that I mean he’s an okay actor who’s best when he sticks to everyman/action hero type roles, which can work in certain types of superhero movies. But Bruce is an infinitely more complex character than everyman/action hero. He’s my favorite “super” hero of all time, and Bale did the part SO well that I honestly can’t get but so annoyed if they fuck up the franchise from this point forward. We had our awesome trilogy. If someone else wants to play with it and take it in a new direction, I guess that’s fine, even if it’s terrible.

    But if they’re doing a Justice League movie, there better be a goddamn Wonder Woman. She’s been shafted for far too long.


    • LOL yeah after everyone was done complaining about Affleck, the next comment was “where is Wonder Woman?” I have a bad feeling that will never happen…or when it does…it will suck.


    • While I enjoyed “Batman Begins” and “Dark Knight”, I was sorta done about half of the way through the finale and it kinda killed the Nolan trilogy for me. I can only take so much brooding at a time. I’m hoping that there will be a bit of a reboot to Batman in this new movie franchise (he will need to be lighter if he is to get along with the rest of the Justice League) and I think Affleck could pull it off if people would give him a chance. Just seems mean to judge him when they literally signed the paperwork 5 minutes ago.


      • “he will need to be lighter if he is to get along with the rest of the Justice League”

        Nah–that’s what was so entertaining about watching him interact with the rest of those guys, the fact that he was so broody and dark in comparison. One of my favorite moments parts of “Hush” was when he’s been hanging out with Clark Kent for all of like a day, and he’s so goddamn NICE Bruce can’t handle it. Midway through their teamed-up crime-fighting thing his inner monologue starts to go, “Ugggghhh, he’s such a Boy Scout–can I go back to Gotham now, please?” It’s hi-la-ri-ous.

        Agree that people are being way too mean though. I mean, I have my opinions, yes, but it’s just a movie. It’s not that serious. The world will not implode even if it sucks. I promise.


  3. Yeah, I just can’t imagine Nolan’s Batman saying something like that. But I really hope they do some fun stuff like that in the new movie. I feel like the comic book Justice League Batman can at least play with others, while Nolan’s Batman is more a Frank Miller Batman who genuinely hates Superman (and for good reason, he’s kind of a tool in that comic).

    Guess we will find out next summer! 😀


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