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So there was a quiet night on the desk a few weeks ago and I started browsing my GoodReads to-read list and I had this “cunning plan”:

1. There are a lot of books on my list.
2. I read graphic novels faster than I read regular books
3. If I order all the graphic novels and read them, my to-read list number will drop a lot!

This lead to me placing holds on a LOT of items. And last week this happened:

This is why I should not browse my Goodreads list on quiet nights at work #books #bookshelfie #library @aacpl

Bad part is that I still need to finish Book of Blood and Shadow for Books for the Beast next month. I was doing so well, I’ve read everything else on my list, but this book has been a wall for me. Just isn’t pulling me in. I tried the audiobook last week and the reader’s voice did not do it for me plus she was reading too slowly. I’ve hit skimming mode with this book now, which seems unfair to it but it’s either that or nothing.

Comic books/graphic novels are like the cookies of the reading world…some of them are just Chips Ahoy, others are gourmet, over-sized cookies you get at a local bakery, but either way I’m usually snacking on them and ignoring my “novel” meals.

Or something…that metaphor worked a lot better before I started typing it out.

Maybe I should stop blogging and go read SOMETHING!

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