Veronica Mars Kickstarter Swag

Yay!! My backer package arrived! #veronicamars #kickstarter

My t-shirt and stickers arrived today! I have fallen way behind on my rewatch. I really wanted to get through the whole series before the movie came out. Still have a little while though. Still, excited to have the t-shirt to wear around and show my Veronica Mars/Kristen Bell love.

Dunc just posted about the new trailer which I’m not going to watch because I’m trying to avoid spoilers. Plus she says that it’s just all the love triangle stuff which I did not like in the show so I’m not super thrilled with it being in the movie. (I was really upset when I found out that Rob Thomas shipped Veronica and Logan…I can’t stand Logan. Plus, the show was about Veronica being awesome, not about which boy she picked…if this turns into some kind of Twilight bullship I will be very put out.

But anyway, t-shirt yay! And it mentions that I’m an official Kickstarter backer on the back of the shirt, so cool.

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