For the past few years I’ve been searching for a “Goodreads for movies” site, a place to easily track what I’ve watched and what I’d like to watch, maybe find a few random movies I’ve never heard of.  I thought I had found it with seenth.at but was ultimately disappointed in the look and feel of that site.  (It felt more like Shelfari than GoodReads).

Then I found Letterboxd.

This site is much more streamlined and I love that I can add a date watched, tags, and a small reviews along with a star rating and “Like”.  You can sort and search by all of these features, making it easy to create a list of movies you watched each month or your top-rated movies of the year or all time.  Plus you can just create unique lists to share with the community and friends.

There is a “premium” version which allows you to do more, but so far I’m happy with the free version.  

Give it a try and if you do sign up, I’m orangerful on there too. 

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