unpacking: whedon collection part 1

Whedon bookcase (well, the top half anyway). My friend says one day I will run a @jossWhedon library #jossisboss #toys #dreamjob

So, of all of my fandoms, the one currently in first place after all these years is the works of Joss Whedon, mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I moved last month and finally got my Whedon shelf set up. The above picture is just the top half of the shelf, featuring a small set of my Buffy, Angel and Firefly action figure, along with the DVD and Blu-Ray sets I own. Below that (picture coming soon) is my collection of Whedon-related books.

The action figure part of this collection sorta started as an accident. One of my friends in the Star Wars Collecting Club (DCSWCC) knew I was a fan of the show and gave me a couple figures that he was done with. But one lonely Buffy isn’t much of a display. So then I got sucked into the Buffy action figure club (I forget which website hosted this) and started to buy figures like crazy. I received the Library Playset as a present and it is one of my favorite things to display. I mean, how right is it for me to have that? A huge Buffy fan AND a librarian? I pretty much was required to own the playset.

Due to space constraints and me still figuring out where things are going, I don’t have all of my Buffy figures out. I have more of the large figures plus a collection of the PALZ mini-figure sets that are packed away at the moment.

The pride of my collection so far would be my autographed Dollhouse and Firefly blu-rays, both signed by the man himself and a good chunk of the writing crew. I also have a Serenity mini-poster that I’ve managed to get sign by a good portion of the cast.

More pictures to come as I slowly get things set up! 🙂

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