Lumpy Space Princess

When I think of all of the characters on Adventure Time, my current favorite has to be Lumpy Space Princess, or LSP for short.

I drew Lumpy Space Princess :-D omg I'm having so much fun

She is such a tragic character. When we first meet her, she lives in Lumpy Space with her royal parents, but already her life is full of drama. Her ex has hooked up with one of her friends. But she still helps Finn go in search of a cure for the lumps so that they can stop Jake’s transformation. In later seasons, she sets out on her own and ends up moving to the Land of Ooo, living in the woods, living off the land (or random cans of beans she finds).

She lives off of gossip, thrives from it, creating it when there is none to be found. She is very insecure, even though she tries not to show it. She hates being left out of anything. She constantly talks about how sexy she is, singing “These Lumps” completely solo at the talent show. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if she is confident or over-compensating.

I think Lumpy Space Princess is probably my favorite because, while I want to be as smart as Princess Bubblegum and as hardcore as Marceline, in reality, I think I share more traits with LSP. I’m always trying to be brave, trying to be my own person, but some days you just have to scream “OH MY GLOB!”, roll your eyes, and run away.

Which Adventure Character do you identify with the most?

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