movie thoughts: This Is the End (2013)


Stupid, gross, crude, immature…and hilarious.

Seriously, if you’ve seen anything with these guys in it, you know that the most of the jokes will have punchlines involving drugs or sex. No one should come to this moving looking for anything remotely intellectual. Instead, put this movie on when you want to have a few drinks and then laugh your ass off (because if you’re too sober, you’ll just feel like a horrible person for laughing at some of these jokes LOL). Nothing is sacred. You have been warned.

In the end, it’s all about how much these bros love each other. I laughed a lot – it was endearing to see these guys poke fun at themselves. And that finale? Try not to get spoiled. It’s brilliant.

(side note but I feel like someone out there somewhere must be writing a paper on all of these all-male thirty-something friendship movies that seem to only be able to exist in this world of raunchy comedy (because once you’re old , you get Last Vegas). To that psychology/anthropology/American Studies grad student out there writing up this paper as a senior thesis, I salute you!)


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