Guess my obsession in 8th grade?


My Dad just texted me this photo of the clock I made in Middle School shop class. As you can probably guess, this was the height of my Douglas Adams obsession.

Sad part is that this image is no longer on the cover of the book. The reprints have these weird colored marbles floating of a space landscape. So unless you have a copy of one of the first few editions, this smart-ass planet mocking you from a distance doesn’t really invoke the classic novel.

Douglas Adams, and in particular ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ were one of the first books to make me laugh out loud. It is probably one of the few books I have read multiple times. I can quote huge portions of it, though that is mostly because the miniseries and radio drama were so close to the text and I pretty much watched or listened to them on a daily basis for a long long time.

But I am trying to purge my stash of random things and, really, this was a cool project but I am not going to hang it up on my apartment now. So I am making this post to say goodbye awesome wall clock – you got me my A+ and kept time for many years but it’s now time to let you go.

Don’t Panic!

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