Slippery slope, here I come!

oh dear…Funko made this announcement during the Christmas holiday about new figure lines slated for 2014.

It includes not one but TWO lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures.

I have a bad feeling that this will lead to the slippery slope of Funko figure collecting across fandoms. So far I only have two My Little Pony figures (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash) from Funko. But the Game of Thrones Instagram feed has been slowly picking away at my resolve. And then I saw the Adventure Time line and I have been slapping my hand on Christmas season to keep myself from buying one while shopping for others.

But I’m sure once I’m on the search to collect ALL the Buffy figures, these will be impulse purchased along with them.

You have been warned.

Which probably means I should sell some of my unwanted Star Wars collection to make room. To quote Ursula, “life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?”

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