book shelfie! My “humor” section

Book shelfies

Pictures are fun, aren’t they? And who doesn’t love a peek into someone else’s world? So here is one shelf of my bookcase: my humorous shelf.

It’s no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the writings of Douglas Adams. He is one of two authors I credit with getting me into reading for pleasure (the other is Michael Crichton but he is on a different shelf). The story goes that my mom and I were working on a science fair project or some such and she kept telling me the answer was 42. I had no idea what she was talking about and then she said “It’s from Hitchhiker’s Guide!” and she gestured to the bookshelf behind the door of the computer room. I told her I had always thought that was some sort of astronomy book. She laughed and said I needed to read it.

I did. A lot. See that raggedy copy on the shelf there? That was the copy my parents had on their shelf and I read it over and over, forced it upon friends as a sort of litmus test to see if they “got it”. Over the years, I would gather donated copies from the library’s back room and then people started giving me copies as presents. I am pretty sure there are still copies floating around in my parent’s house. I’m also pretty sure there is a 7th grade story I had to write for English class that features me on and adventure with Ford Prefect…

When it comes to authors that can make me laugh out loud, the only other fiction favorite I have found is Christopher Moore. “A Dirty Job” is probably my favorite book by him. After that, I have my Sarah Vowell books, which are non-fiction. Some are just essay collection, though her last few have been examinations of specific subjects. Steve Martin slips in after that, though I would not consider “Shopgirl” a comedy by any means, it is one of my favorite books of all time and the librarian in me could not separate the other Steve Martin books out so…yeah, deal with it.

Then we have the Eddie Izzard autobiography I bought while visiting London with my parents. It’s actually a pretty great book if you love Eddie, which I do. Probably crazy out of date now since it was published around the release of “Dressed to Kill” which was so long ago…

And, of course, the Daily Show books and a collection of Smart Pop essay books because I love me some academic studies of my favorite TV shows.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Who got you turned on to reading? Post your bookshelfies and share your favorite books! 😀


  1. I’ve just had a bit of a panic. I have no shelfies. None for CDs. None for DVDs. None for books. Then I calmed down and realised I had an iPad instead 🙂


    • Lol well, I am a collector my nature, so anything I obsess over I must have a physical manifestation of. Things I am a casual fan of, I check out of the library for free or download. My iPad is just a glorified handheld game system now


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