Trophy opportunity missed!

Very disappointed that there was no trophy for hitting the pitcher in the balls.  #videogames #mlbtheshow

I can’t believe there isn’t a special Trophy (that’s Playstation speak for “Achievement”) in MLB13 The Show for hitting the pitcher in the balls. I mean that clearly took skill. There are trophies for bouncing the ball off of a scoreboard at Camden yards, but for this? Nothing.

At least I have this picture to laugh at over and over. Because dear god baseball is hella boring, even in a video game. I will play it with the boy though so he has to play Tomb Raider with me.

Usually I think zombie mods are stupid but I believe this game would be a lot better with random zombie attacks. And the occasional exploding pitch.

And, of course, Trophies for hitting players in particularly squishy body parts.

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