accidentally live-blogged while watching Beatles tribute – I regret nothing!

[warning: lots of rambling ahead, The Beatles are known for making me do that]

Watching the “Grammy’s Salute to The Beatles”. The banter is pretty damn painful but I am enjoying the music. And holy shit Eric Idle looks so old. But I guess he is.

Dhani is the spitting image of George and it’s so wonderful and weird at the same time. He sounds a lot like him too, when he speaks and sings. and I actually saw him play a few years ago with Joseph Arthur and Ben Harper as part of the group Fistful of Mercy, which was fantastic. Intimate setting, in a synagogue actually, but it felt like a full on rock concert by the end, everyone up and dancing in the aisles/pews. I hope they make another album together.

Fistful of Mercy

Ed Sheeran is singing now and this would be my favorite song so far. I love hearing Beatles stuff stripped down and I think he is pulling it off.

Holy shit, Keith Urban is SHORT LOL! Well, John Mayer is also kinda tall. At least, I remember him being tall though maybe he was just doing that on purpose. Quit being taller than me! (so many mixed emotions about that man, not going to go into it now…bastard knows how to play guitar though). “Don’t Let Me Down” is such a great song, something so raw about it, so pure yet at the same time kinda dirty…but the honesty of it all makes it less dirty? I dunno, love that song.

Katy Perry’s Yesterday was okay, she didn’t really do much to make it her own. Right now I’m gonna say Ed Sheeran wins this show.

oh damn, this is a fun version of “Revolution” – nice job Imagine Dragons!

OMG Dave Grohl, why are you so great? I wish more rock stars were like him. And “Hey Bulldog”??? SO RANDOM! But I have no problem with that because it really captures that weird middle sound when the Beatles were trying to figure out what was next. (OMG could his daughter be any cuter LOL)

ANY song Annie Lennox sings sounds amazing, period. Her voice. HER VOICE. I would be happy listen to her sing every single Beatles song. (her dress kinda looks like it was made out of duct tape though…). I wonder if the artists got to pick which songs they would perform or if CBS was like “you play THIS! NOW!” I love “Fool on the Hill” but I know most of the Magical Mystery Tour album is low on people’s favorites list. If Annie picked it, it makes me love her more. (LOL okay Ringo just gave Paul a look, I wonder if Paul is singing along sorta loudly…you know, the way you would expect your 70 year old grandpa to sing along) (he’s such a clean old man).

Alicia Keys has more style then EVERYONE IN THE THEATER. That hat. Awwwww yeah. Also, omg was John Legend a little bit nervous there? He was shaking. Aaaaw. Oooh I am digging Let It Be with two voices like this.

Just did a search on Amazon and I don’t see any sort of collection of these songs available yet. Really, CBS? Actually didn’t even see a DVD up or anything either. I’m surprised.

Aw, let Anna Kendrick sing! TEASES! Brad Paisley and Pharell Williams? Hm, okay.

My friend took me to Vegas for my birthday several years ago and I got to see LOVE. It was amazing and, I won’t lie, I was crying by the end. So beautiful. If you ever get a chance, go see it. The album is fantastic, but the visuals of the show are just a crazy journey through the Beatles entire career.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps — oh when I was a kid, I just didn’t get this song, it freaked me out, the rhythm, the lyrics. They seem so simple but they are really so clever and complex. I love this song now.

Ringo’s turn. He sounds pretty good considering his age and, ya know, the smoking etc. Boys seems a little slower but then again, so is he. 🙂 Love ya Ringo.

OMG there was Sean…looks just like John.

LOL looks like Paul is already bouncing behind Sean Penn, ready to play. What a goof. I’ve seen him live twice and he was a lot of fun.

Sgt. Pepper – had to be played. And, yeah, Paulie it IS weird to tribute yourself. But that never stopped you before LOL. ❤ Ringo does seem a bit out of breath. But this is awesome. I'm a sucker for a huge Hey Jude sing-along, I won't lie.

Aw, it's over? Well, it was fun while it lasted. I hope they release a few of the covers as mp3s or something. Wouldn't mind having them in the mix.

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